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If you are looking for a complete and functional golf handicapping web application, check out my other project called Golf Club Web.

Golf CHairMaN was started mainly as a fun way for me to learn how to use the new EJB3/Java Persistence specifications. I also plan to incorporate new Java technologies as the development proceeds so I can become familiar with those as well. But, in order to make it more interesting to me, I decided to teach myself those new technologies by using them to rewrite my original golf club handicapping software.

Since the completion of Golf Club Web, I realized the many limitations that it imposes. Golf Chairman will attempt to address those limitations. It will:

The technologies I am or plan on using in the project are:

If you have Eclipse and JBoss Eclipse IDE installed, you can checkout the entire CVS tree and be able to import the project into Eclipse and begin compiling, testing, deploying and running.

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All code is LGPL licensed
(c) Copyright 2006 John J. Mazzitelli